A Sacred Place Where Questions Are Welcomed & Creativity Flourishes


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At Ecclesiax, we do church differently. This means welcoming questions and encouraging dialogue to seek the heart of God together. We connect to God through studying The Bible, sharing of the Eucharist and a creative approach to worship. We look to foster a welcoming, engaging environment for spiritual growth in the Christian tradition. While we seek to be strengthened by God to stand for justice in the world, we are also humbled in our approach to God by our admission of collective brokenness.

Ecclesia means “called out people.” The “X” stands for Christ. As a community of people called out by God we root ourselves firmly in the Gospel of Christ and seek to obey God’s teachings and become radical followers of Christ.


Art has always been part of worship at Ecclesiax. This does not mean that we are all “artists” (though some of us are), but that we can all relate to God through pictures, colours, and words. We believe that God is a creative and a creating God, and that every single one of us carries a spark of that creativity in us. Sometimes the art created during our services is beautiful, sometimes it’s raw, and sometimes it’s both.


Cam would be happy to meet with anyone who has questions about our community or anything you’ve seen on the site. Fill out the form to get started!

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Our pastor is Reverend Cameron Montgomery, but we just call him Cam. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Classical Animation program, he spent 25 years as a graphic designer in Oakville and Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he lived with his wife and two sons. In 2007 Cam’s wife of 25 years died of cancer and he felt God calling him into full-time Christian ministry. In 2008 he came to Ottawa to help a friend and to pursue further education at Saint Paul’s University. Cam has served at ecclesiaX since 2009, was ordained in the Free Methodist Church in 2014, and completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2016. In 2010 Cam married his lovely wife Kim who has a daughter and two sons.

Kim works as a Chaplain at a local nursing home. She and Cam are also raising their young granddaughter. They both have heart for people and feel called to help create a place where people can have honest conversations about what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the twenty first century.

Board Members

  • Cory – Chair
  • Amy – Delegate
  • Kim – Treasurer
  • Sharon – Secretary
  • Mark – Member at Large
  • Jeff – Member at Large


Weekly Get Togethers

There are no Bible studies or small groups happening at the moment but we will update this page when that changes. If you are interested in hosting a midweek Bible study or discussion group please feel free to contact us!

We have a Board Game Night the first three Thursdays of every month just for fun and fellowship. It starts at 7:30 pm and you are welcome to bring your games or just come and enjoy someone else’s.


At ecclesiaX we believe in dialogue and we hope this section of our website will extend the conversations we have on Sunday mornings. Pastor Cam will be posting regularly, but everyone is encouraged to comment and members are welcome to
sign up to write posts as well.

Have A Question?

Churches come in many ‘shapes and sizes’ and we are a little unique, so it’s ok if you have more questions. Please feel free to use this form to ask about anything we didn’t cover, or that you may need more details about. We love hard questions, so don’t be afraid to ask anything you may be wondering about.

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